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Microsoft Ignite

September 2020

Ignite will be released as a digital series of events in September. Learn innovative ways to build solutions, migrate, manage, and connect with technical professionals around the world.

The Online Digital Transformation Conference (BST)   

September 16th - 17th 2020 (BST)    

This online event enables digital business experts to deal with relevant content and gain better insight into the transformations according to COVID-19. It will support you in developing new ways of working and new approaches for your company.  

Digital transformation highlight 2020   

October 28, 2020 (BST)  

Find out more about new trends in technology, malfunctions and processes in the sectors or organizational changes, with a network of leading experts and technologists who can provide you with valuable knowledge.  

For the European Online Digital Transformation Conference (CEST),  
October 7-8, 2020 (CEST):   

For the USA Online Digital Transformation Conference (EDT),   
October 28th - 29th 2020 (EDT):  

Digital insurance innovators climax 

Two events per week from November (BST)   

You can participate in live chats in 8 different events and learn about the latest ideas, insights and trends from over 100 international speakers.  

Re-work deep learning climax  

April 15-16, 2021 (BST)  

Immerse yourself in meaningful meetings, in which you will be informed about the latest technological research advances and their worldwide application in various companies and in society.