Data Festival


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Data Festival

Munich, Germany, 19th-21st March 2019

Bringing together the community of users and data experts - data scientists, data engineers, AI and machine learning experts, analysts, BI professionals, software developers, software architects, scientists, researchers and more! The focus of this Data festival will be on data science and machine learning, data engineering and architecture, data visualisation and analytics, fasta data, infrastructure and databases, as well as agile development, blockchain, data ethics and data privacy.

TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services

London, UK, 27th March 2019

Join the greatest minds, from banks to start-ups, to expand your understandings of AI and the ability to deliver the future with practical knowledge on how to develop real, implementable systems. Under the implications of AI, learn how to develop and adapt your AI strategy.

Dublin Tech Summit 

Dublin, Ireland, 10th-11th April 2019

Bringing some of the most influential tech pioneers and brands to Dublin for two days of networking and knowledge sharing. Around 10,000 attendees are expected. DTS is building a community of innovators, thought leaders and influencers who are affecting technology change globally.

Mendix World

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 16th-17th April 2019

Join around 3,000 visitors from the across the world in Rotterdam and experience how Mendix drives digital innovation and transformation globally. Over the two days IT leaders will discuss and showcase key trends in low-code application development and explore emerging trends in software development.

The Next Web

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 9th-10th May 2019

Come together with tech minded individuals predicting, discussing and inventing the future. Over the two days topics will range from AI to blockchain and everything in between. We will be celebrating human innovation.

The Digital Transformation Conference 

London, UK, 15th-16th May 2019

Over the last five years the pace of digital technology change in business has been accelerating. Back for the 4th year in a row, the conference brings together the leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their businesses to share knowledge, and offer insights and case studies.

Gartner EMEA IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies 

Frankfurt, Germany, 4th-5th June 2019

The adoption of fast-moving technologies are cutting across the functional roles of typical infrastructure and operations teams, challenging them and demanding new skills. Using the latest Gartner research from infrastructure and operations leaders, this event will explore what makes a successful strategy, through the exploration of cloud, IoT, AI, automation and machine learning.

Digital Transformation and Innovation Europe 

London, UK, 4th-5th June 2019

Digital transformation leaders have mastered emerging technologies and innovations to advance their businesses at an accelerated speed, differentiating from their competitors. Join like-minded individuals at the European Digital Transformation and Innovation conference in London to learn how to adopt successful digital transformation strategies to ensure that your business is leading from the front.

London Tech Week

London, UK, 10th-16th June 2019

London Tech Week connects global communities addressing how to access tech to ensure that it is having a positive impact on society and businesses. With around 55,000 attendees this is looking to be the biggest UK Tech festival.

Blockchain Live

London, UK, 25th September 2019

Join 5,000+ attendees at Blockchain Live, connecting the blockchain ecosystem to advance the global dialogue. Blockchain Live aims to drive long-term thinking and meaningful discussion on strategic benefits of blockchain for businesses, governments, citizens and society.

Digital Future Congress

Frankfurt & Essen, Germany, 5th November 2019 

The largest 'Digitalisation' fair across Germany with 140 exhibitors, 50 speakers, panel discussion, keynote speeches, workshops. It's an optimal platform to find out about the best practice solutions for new digitisation under the motto "discover business 4.0".